Soda ash

We supply soda ash for glass, paper, liquid cleaning products and metallurgy manufacturers.

Potassium chloride KCL

We supply potassium chloride. Used in agriculture, drilling fluids and medicine.


Lignosulfonates technical powder and liquid. Mostly used in the production of concrete.

Cardboard for flat layers of corrugated board

We supply cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard topliner and kraftliner in bulk with delivery on individual terms.

Carbon black

High quality carbon black used in rubber and car tires. A car tire made without carbon black would not have traveled 100 kilometers.

Industrial oils

We import various oils, from motor oils to the necessary chemical parameters for the needs of any production.


Complex fertilizers for foliar feeding.

Compound feed production

We sell a wide range of various feed products, mineral products, biologically active substances.


We produce soft containers big bags for bulk raw materials according to your size, and, if necessary, with your logo.

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