We see our company as a link between industry and trade, on the one hand, and as a direct partner of the end user, on the other. That is why we act not only as a reliable trading partner and service provider, but also as a competent consultant and agent.

Technical support

Technical support is considered an integral part of our partnership approach.

Analytical services

Services include comparative testing, benchmarking and quality control of raw materials and mixtures.


We offer a wide variety of packaging types. It is possible to produce packaging with your logo.


We work outside of Russia. Our partners are countries such as Japan, India, China, as well as Europe.

Logistic solutions

Fenolit is a company with extensive experience in logistics solutions. Our products are delivered in full and on time.

It's safe with us

We work only with reliable and trusted companies, as we value our reputation. We are honest and open to our clients.

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We strive to improve business by providing effective solutions based on innovative materials and technologies. Our work and our projects change the way people behave and perceive. Discover the variety of products we offer.